Allotment inventory for 2016

Allotment inventory for 2016
So let's have an inventory of useful plants growing on the allotment and seed ready to be sown.
I will probably forget something but, if I do remember it, I will put it in later.

All the apple trees cropped really well in 2015
Apple tree 'Discovery' A cheap tree I got for £5.
Apple tree ' Egremont Russet' espalier - a cheap tree I got for £5.
Apple tree 'Ribston Pippn' espalier - two. Grafted myself onto M9 rootstock
'Golden Reinette' (1600) One tree espaliered.
'Pitmaston Pineapple'(1561) Got three trees well grafted.  Not too sure whether to keep all three or graft over to something else.  All being espaliered
'King of the Pippins'(1770s) Two trees espaliered
Four root stock budded to Cox's Orange Pippin.  Fairly sure I don't want all of these so I will use three of them to graft to something else.
'Court Pendu Plat' (1613) One tree with two grafts that have taken.  Espaliered
Two apple trees that I can't identify but crop very well; one is an espalier and the other a small standard tree.

 Ten M26 rootstock .
Apple tree sions
"Coeur de Boeuf"
"Elis Bitter"
"Sturmer Pippin"
"Christmas Pearmain"
"Mosses Seedling"
"Claygate Pearmain"
"Court of Wick"
"Kidd's Orange"
Grafting these early March. They will all be espaliered if the grafts take.

Last year's graftings. I planted out the apples grafted on the 23rd March 2015 on the 29th December 2015:  these were:
'Norfolk Royal' (1905) Stepped on this and broke the graft!!! Getting another scion this year to try again.
'Sturmer Pippin' (1800s) The graft did not take and I lost this one. Getting another one this year and tying again. 
'Blenheim Orange' (1740) Graft did not take. 

Other scions that I might try:
Claygate Pearman
May Queen
James Grieve
Norfolk Royal
Queen Cox
Devonshire Quarrendon
Orleans Reinette
Winter King.
Elison's Orange.
I have six rootstock that are grafted to apples that either I don't want or have two or three of  so I am going to use these to graft to the new scions if I get them.  
Apple mint (already planted)
Asparagus three plants.
Asparagus pea (own seed) Sowing in April.
Aubergine “Pinstripe”
Basil “Siam Queen” Sowing under cover in April.
Bay (already planted) There are over twenty cuttings that are being pruned to standards with ball heads.
Beetroot 'Crimson King' Sowing in April.
Beetroot 'Boltardy' Sowing end of March.
Borecole 'Red Russian' Sowing under cover in May possibly even June for winter 2015/2016.
Borecole “Dwarf Green Curled”
Brussels Sprout 'Trafalgar' Sowing under cover in late April.
Brussels Sprout “Crispus”
Brussel Sprout “Darkmar”
Broad Bean (Bunyard's Exhibition) Sowing under cover in February.
Broad Bean my own saved seed Sowing under cover in February.
Broccoli 'Red Arrow' Sowing under cover in May.
Broccoli 'Early Purple Blend' Sowing under cover in May
Blackberry 'Adrienne' already planted; bought this plant a long time ago. I have tip layered this plant and now I have two plants. Training in, tying in and pruning in January.
Blackberry thornless given to me.
Blackcurrant 'Ben Sarek' already planted; bought a long time ago.
Blackcurrant 'Ben Connan' already planted; bought for this season
Blackcurrant 'Ebony' already planted; bought for this season.
Blackcurrants - other. already planted; lots of cuttings of various varieties.
Cabbage 'Brunswick' sown in October and growing on in the cold frame.
Cabbage 'January King' Sowing under cover in April
Cabbage 'Golden Acre' Sowing under cover in February to get an early crop.
Cabbage 'Red Drumhead' Sowing under cover in March.
Cabbage “Ruby Perfection”
Cabbage “January King”
Cabbage (Savoy) “Vertus”
Cabbage 'Stonehead'. Sowing under cover in April.
Calabrese 'Parthenon' Sowing in February under glass.
Calabrese “Fiesta”
Calabrese 'Green Magic' Sowing under cover at the end of April.
Calabrese 'Samson' Sowing under cover at end May
Cauliflower 'Aalsmeer' (winter) Sowing under cover during the beginning of May. For cropping in April and May of 2017
Cauliflower 'All the year round' Not sure whether I am going to sow these. Old seed.
Cauliflower 'Snowball' Sowing these during end of April under cover.
Cauliflower “Clapton”
Cauliflower 'Candid Charm' Matures in about 75 days so sowing at the end of May.
Cauliflower 'Romanesco Precoce' Sowing these under cover middle of May.
Carrot 'Flyaway'
Carrot “Amsterdam 2 Sweetheart”
Carrot 'Autumn King'
Carrot “Flakkee”
Carrot 'St Valery'
Carrot “Rainbow Mix”
Celery 'Victoria'
Celery Golden “Self Blanching”
Celeriac “Giant Prague”
Cherry tree “Stella”
Chilli 'Friar's hat'
Chilli 'Hot Stuff'
Chilli 'Rocoto'
Comfrey (already planted)
Courgette 'Ambassador'
Courgette  “Black Beauty”
Courgette 'Atena Polka' yellow one.
Cucumber “Femspot”
Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green. Going to try sowing in February but main crop will be sown in April.
Cucumber “Mini Munch”
Cucumber “La Diva”
Cucumber “Marketmore”
Curly Kale 'Dwarf Green Curled' Sowing in June for 2015/2016 winter.
Elephant garlic (already planted)
Fennel Florence 'Sweet Florence'
Fennel herb
French climbing bean 'Cobra' - own seed
French climbing bean 'Trail Of Tears' - own seed
French climbing bean 'Blue Lake' - own seed
French climbing Pinto beans but not sure of the variety. Own seed.
French dwarf bean. Saved seed. Several varieties
French dwarf bean “Opera”
Garlic (already planted)
Globe artichoke but I doubt if I will ever eat one. Lovely blue flower though good for bees.
Good king Henry Chenopodium bonus henricus (Own seeds)
Gooseberry 'Xania' and others already planted but not fruiting yet. Some gooseberries already planted on the allotment before I took it over.
Gooseberry ' Hinnonmaki Yellow' - three plants.  Given to me this season. 
Grape (already planted) Red and white. These were given to me as cuttings.
Japanese Wine Berry already planted. Given to me by allotment neighbour.
Jerusalem artichoke (already planted) Given to me.
Kohlrabi 'Purple Delicacy' Sowing in early April straight into prepared seed bed.
Kohlrabi “Azure Star”
Lambs lettuce.
Leek 'Giant Winter' Sowing under cover during April.
Leek 'Blue Solase' Sowing under cover during April.
Lemon Balm (already planted)
Lettuce “Tantan”
Lettuce “Lobjoits Green”
Lettuce “Valmaine”
Lettuce “All The Year Round”
Lettuce 'Webb's Wonderful' Successional sowings from early March.
Lettuce “Ashbrook”
Lettuce Cos “Pinokkio”
Lettuce 'Lollo Rossa' Successional sowings from early March.
Loganberry LY654 already planted. This was given to me by an allotment neighbour. I tip layered it and now have two plants. Three different varieties growing on the little shed - all given to me.
Marjoram already planted
Marjoram seed.
Mint various - at least five varieties. already planted
Melon 'Blenheim Orange'
Oca own saved tubers. These were originally given to me although I have bought some from the Real Seed Catalogue.
Onion 'Mammoth' sown in October. Seedlings are growing on in cold frame.
Onion 'North Holland Blood Red'
Onion Golden Bear'
Onion 'Crimson Forest'
Onion “Bedfordshire Champion”
Onion “Stuttgarter Giant” seed.
Onion 'White Lisbon' (Spring onion) start sowing in cold frame in February.
Onion “Performer” (Spring onion)
Onion “Paris” (Silverskin pickling onion)
Onion (sets) Sturton
Onion (sets) Stuttgarter
Peach 'Peregrin' already planted. Bought this tree and it was expensive, however I am going to use it to provide at least two sions.
 (Two Saint Julian A rootstocks which have been budded to "Peregrin peach.)
Pea “Douce Provence”
Pea 'Early Onward'
Pea 'Onward'
Pea 'Lincoln'
Pea saved seed including the tall varieties 'Champion of England' 'Telegraph' and 'Alderman'
Pear already on the allotment but I don't know the variety. Very sweet one though.
Pear 'Conference' Espalier already planted. Tree was given to me.
Pear 'Doyenne du Comice' Espalier - already planted. Tree was given to me.
Pear not sure of the variety growing to espalier but I have just planted it. The tree was given to me.
Pepper (Sweet) “Topepo Rosso” and “Giallo”
Pepper (Sweet) “D’Asti Giallo”
Pepper (Sweet) “Californian Wonder”
Perpetual spinach
Parsnip “Tender and True”
Plum 'Victoria' (already planted on the allotment before I took it over.)
Plum 'Opal'. This tree was given to me.
Potato 'Casablanca'
Potato 'Maris Bard'
Potato “Foremost”
Potato “Pentland Javelin”
Potato 'Kestrel'
Pumpkin “Atlantic Giant”
Pumpkin “Baby Bear”
Raspberry 'Malins Admiral' Planted already. Bought these originally.
Raspberry 'Glen Ample' planted already These canes were given to me.
Raspberry 'Cascade' planted already. Bought these originally.
Raspberry autumn fruiting -at least two varieties already on the allotment before I took it over.
Radish “Mixed”
Radish “French Breakfast”
Red currant 'Rovada' pruning to fan; and others. Bought Rovada but four others already planted on the allotment before I took it over.
Runner Bean 'Aintree'
Runner Bean 'Red Rum'
Runner Bean 'Scarlet Emperor'
Runner Bean 'Moonlight'
Runner Bean “Desiree”
Rhubarb 'Champagne' (still needs to be moved). Bought this a long time ago.
Rhubarb 'Timperley Early'(already planted) Bought this a long time ago.
Rhubarb 'Large Victoria' (already planted) Plants were given to me by allotment neighbour.
Rhubarb “Early Red” growing from seed. 
Rhubarb Chard.
Rosmary plants - about twenty grown from seed and will have to be planted out somewhere.
Salad Burnet already planted.
Sage ordinary
Sage rainbow
Shallot bulbs “Griselle”
Spinach “Medania”
Squash (Winter) “Crown Prince”
Strawberries 'Cambridge' (already planted ) Bought for this season because mine had virus disease.
Sweed “Best of All” Sowing outside in April.
Swede “Marian”
Sweet Cicerly (already planted)
Sweetcorn 'Early Extra Sweet' Sowing under cover in April.
Sweetcorn “Incredible”
Sweet Marjoram
Tarragon “Russian”
Tomato 'Cherrola'. Sown under cover in January.
Tomato “Alicante”
Tomato “Big Boy”
Tomato “Black Russian”
Wine berry
White currant 'Blanko' already planted and pruning to fan. Bought for this season.
White currant “Versailles Blanche”.
Possible apple sions for 2016 The starred ones are ones I really want.  I do not have enough root stock for all of these so I may be grafting onto the ones I have more than one of. 

Claygate Pearmain* eat from the tree.
Norfolk Royal*
Queen Cox*
Devonshire Quarrendon. Does not keep.
Orleans Reinette*
Winter King )(Winston)
James Grieve*
May Queen*
Ellison’s Orange

So sowing all of these seeds and making sure all the perennials are mulched and harvested should keep me busy this year.


  1. Fantastic blog - thank you so much for posting and wishing you all the best!

  2. Thank you Aloha Farms food forest. Maritime temperate climate a little different from yours but still abundant and very productive.
    All the very best for your food forest.