Sunday, 12 December 2010

Chilly December

I have just returned from holiday in Malta and Greece to a very cold England. The ground has been frozen for about two or three weeks now and little can be done in the allotment.

I went to the allotment yesterday with the intention of moving some of the black current bushes. Althought the top couple of centimetres were not frozen, below this was a thick layer of frost. Not the kind of ground to start planting into. The black currents will probably have to be moved in the spring if this weather continues.

Remarkably, I was able to get out some of the parsnips. They were excellent and shows you why thinning out is very important if you want big roots. I also got some carrots. I think that the ground was not so frozen here because of the horse muck I had put close to them.

Beetroot are very small but I harvested them in any case.

I took off some of the Brussel sprouts and I will prepare them today by peeling off the outer leaves. There are some plants that are producing large buds and some that are only producing small ones. I cannot remember the varieties that I planted so I will not be able to ensure I have large buds next year.

They did not burn down my shed on bonfire night which I am very greatful for. The committee put the bonfire closer to Tony's allotment and quite far away from my shed.

Someone however put a load of fireworks on my allotment right where I had planted broad beans. I am not happy. These are the fireworks you stick into the ground. Needless to say I will be asking the committee why they pick on my allotment to do these things without any consultation with me.

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