Sunday, 24 July 2011

I am trying to get the sweet peas to produce a really good display of flowers so that I can choose some for a show.  I took off a lot of the flowers when I layered them and they have not really started to flower well again yet. I gave them all a really good dose of comfrey liquid and then watered them with water from the butt.

I really need a lot of flowers so that I have a good choice for the show.  The flowers that are left on the plants have at least four buds.  Still I do not want shows and competitions to spoil my enjoyment of growing  just for itself.

Mick gave me some more of his weeds so I dug a trench and buried them on the pea bed.

I spent the rest of the afternoon podding peas.  I got another 2.5 kg of peas from the plants as I took them out. Not bad for gleanings me thinks.

The pods were put into the worm bin.  I want to use the nitrogen locked up in the pods.

I got one of the potatoes out - I got about 5Kg of spuds - and washed them.  There is no point in taking soil home and then washing it down the drain.  It is much better for them to be washed at the allotment and then the soil stays with my allotment.

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