Sunday, 25 September 2011

I have finally finished the triple digging

I finished the triple digging and raked the whole area fairly level.  I consolidated the ground treading along it.  It has not compacted the ground even though it was raining. Rain usually means the ground becomes very muddy. It was fairly easy to rake because it was so friable.

I was putting some seed in so I used the hoe, three pronged cultivator and the rake again.  If you use these three in succession you get a really good tilth.

 I have filled the area with broad beans, trefoil, rocket, American land cress and a few radish.  I am hoping that the seeds will germinate before the cold weather.   I put a very little pigeon manure along the rows and hoed it in and after making the drills I watered them with comfrey liquid.

I have made a mess of the pathways again but I will tidy them up next time I go down to the allotment.  I spent the rest of the time harvesting.

There were about 3lbs of tomatoes ready for picking; two ridge cucumbers; I took one of the celeriac; several carrots, Hamburg parsley, salsify; scorzonera; two crates of runner beans, a swede and several Kohl rabi. Fred said that I could take some of his Bramley apples so I took a plastic bag full of them.

The runner beans have gone over now and I can take them out.  I think that I will dig them in with the sweet peas.

I still have to move the strawberry bed; take down the sweet peas and dig this area and finally dig the area that has the new peas on them. I reckon that I will get all this done before the frosts.

It does not seem much was done but I was at the allotment for seven hours.
Where does the time go?

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