Monday, 2 January 2012

Sowing onions and leeks.

I sowed the Mammoth onions into sectioned trays one seed per section.  I doubt if they will all germinate but there are 60 sections and I doubt if I would need all those plants.  I do like onions though and will grow as many of them as I possibly can do.  I have left the seed tray in the cold greenhouse but will bring it inside the house because the weather is beginning to change and get much colder.

The Mammoth leeks were sown into a pan using the New Horizons peatless compost.

I will put both of them into plastic bags and leave them in the house.  I did not plant any tomato seeds today.  I will do that tomorrow.

Sieved some more of the potato bed soil while mixing in a lot of horse and pigeon muck.    It was a little easier today because the ground had dried out a little from yesterdays rain.

The ground is still very dry two spits down.  This little bit of rain will not dampen the subsoil unless we have a lot more downfalls.

I have taken out all the carrots now and will put these new ones in a clamp of their own.  The parsnips will have to be taken out soon too.

I finished early today because the temperature was falling very rapidly because the sky was very blue and clear.  I will get those seeds in now.

Forgot to take photographs of the allotment.  I will do that first thing tomorrow.

Regardless of how uneventful the activity is, I will write about everything that I am doing in the allotment.  It will give me a chronology of planting times and a time table for next year.

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