Sunday, 18 March 2012

Putting up the sweet pea canes

It was raining this morning so I went into the greenhouse to do a little more transplanting.  I needed some more Bedfordshire Champion onions so I put these into sectioned trays.  Winter cauliflower and broccoli was sown, although this may be very early to do this.  I also put in some runner beans to see if I could keep them alive until they go into the ground at the end of April.

Then I went down to the allotment where I spent the rest of the day putting in sweet pea canes.  It takes an interminable time to do them all but now they are finished I can get on with planting the sweet pea plants.

Tomorrow I will plant some carrots and parsnips.  I will cover the carrots with enviromesh using the wire cloche supports.  I will take the enviromesh off the leeks because I am going to use the leeks.  I will also plant one line of 20 early potatoes.  These will be red Duke of York.

I have weeded between the tulips, which are flowering now about a month earlier than they should be.

Today it sleeted, hailed, rained and was very warm in the sun.  Typical English weather.

Time for a cup of tea.

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