Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Transplanting seedlings.

Just as you think it is safe to harden off a lot of seedlings the weather changes again - for the worst.  I put five  trays of Douce Provence peas outside yesterday to harden off.  I think that they are hardy enough to take a few nights of cold weather.

The Swift potatoes and oca in pots will have to be put back in the greenhouse because they will not be so hardy.

I definitely need to repair the cold frame so that I can protect the more tender plants.

I pricked out borecole, broccoli, cabbage and kale into trays.  I did not use the sectioned trays because they are all being used for other seedlings.  The roots will be disturbed when I plant them out because they will be entangled with each others.  However, these are fairly robust brassicas and, with copious watering, they will survive well in good soil.

The climbing peas have not germinated very well.  I have potted up the ones that have germinated and will use them but I  have had to resow the Alderman peas.  I don't usually plant climbing peas preferring the smaller ones but this year I wanted to see just how well I could grow them.  If they do well, and they have not impressed me so far, then I will continue to grow them.  Also, the lettuce has not germinated very well.  I think this is due to it being old seed.

Sowed some Early Onward peas, which grow quite well on the allotment; some more lettuce; dwalf French beans saved seeds; runner beans saved seed; sweet corn; cucumber; pumpkin and courgette.

I discovered that I did not have any squash so I have bought some to sow later.

The chard and the perpetual spinach sown on the allotment have germinated already.  Nothing else is showing yet.  I am just hoping that the cold weather at the weekend will not check everything again.


  1. You have quite a bit going on there, the weather has definitely interfered with the growing of seeds here too.
    Good luck with the weather at the weekend :)


  2. Thanks Linda, you have a good weekend too.