Friday, 3 May 2013

Heritage Seeds

So it seems that we are to loose the opportunity to save our own seed and pass it on to friends and family.  Well, how do you police that?

It would seem that they are targeting organisations that act as hubs for sharing seed rather than individuals.  People like Garden Organic and The Real Seed Company.  A sad state of affairs.

We should be growing for food not for money.  I buy a lot of seed but I also keep my own and use heritage seed.  Why is it heritage?  Because it is prone to disease and does not taste very good.

Why ban something that is inherently inferior to modern seed and varieties?  It poses no threat.  Where is the logic?

I grow heritage plants for interest and to share seed.  I am a grower; I grow things.  Give me some seed and I will sow it and grow on the plants.  Its a hobby why stop it?  I will not comply.

"The EU want to stop us from saving and sharing seed. Seed is our past, our present and our future...biodiversity is being destroyed by corporations like Monsanto, for profit and greed!"

Sign the petition at

Be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

I wonder why they are just targeting seed and not preventing propagation by other means.  Will we be able to take cuttings, graft, divide, keep offsets?

What will happen if the blooming plants start self seeding particularly if they go into someone else's garden.

What do you do if you find that a wayward seed has inadvertently decided to germinate in your garden?  Do we root it up and send it to the seed Gestapo.

Seeds are designed to scatter, disperse, travel.  Let's have some common sense here and help them on their way.

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