Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas vegetables.

I went round for the Christmas harvest today and this is what I took home for Christmas dinners:
  1. Curly kale
  2. Purple sprouting broccoli
  3. Brussel sprouts
  4. Winter cabbage
  5. Parsnips
  6. Carrots
  7. Leeks
  8. Onions - from the store shed.
  9. The last squash in the store shed.  All my butternut squash have rotted away.  
  10. Elephant garlic from the store shed
  11. Ordinary garlic from the store shed
  12. Shallots from the store shed
  13. Beetroot
  14. Salsify
  15. Hamburg parsley
  16. Swede
  17. Kohlrabi
  18. Red Duke of York potatoes from the store shed.   
I think that I might just have enough veg for Christmas dinner.  What is left will make soup for the rest of the week.

The problem with having so many different vegetables for Christmas dinner is that it takes a long time to wash, peel and prepare them for the pot.

Been at it all morning!

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