Friday, 15 January 2016

Sorting out the seeds.

The number of times that I have ordered seeds and then found  that I already have an unopened packet  irritates me immensely. 

I don't eat that much cabbage but I have about ten packets of different varieties, several of which are unopened from last year.  What I may do is pour them all into one packet, shake them up and take pot luck when I sow them and plant the seedlings out on the allotment.  I will get all the advantages of growing several varieties but use a smaller  area of the garden. 

I have been looking for good deals on the internet and at garden centres and have got most of my seed at half price or less.  However, next year I will get my seed from King's Seeds through their allotment scheme.  It takes much too much effort and time to find websites selling discounted seeds. 

I have got some seed from the "bundled together" potluck offers which means that I have varieties and vegetables that I would not otherwise bother with.  I ate several of the kohlrabi last season but most of them had club root so I threw them away.  I did not miss them.  I was not going to sow them this season but I am now the proud owner of two packets of kohlrabi seeds.  They were part of a pot luck offer which only cost me postage so I will use them if only to make a "profit".

Aubergines are vegetables that I am not really successful with.  I think that out of five plants that were carefully nurtured, I only got two reasonably sized aubergines that actually ripened.  However, I now have a packet of aubergine seeds and I will not be able to resist the temptation to sow them. 

Hot chillies - if that is not a contradiction in terms - I am not going to sow them. 

I am going to update my allotment inventory so that I know what seeds and plants I have and do not forget to plant them. 

Got some pots and compost to sow some more seed today.  I will be keeping them warm in the airing cupboard until they germinate and then by a sunny window.  I will be sowing some more onions, leeks, tomatoes, sweet peppers,

I have some spindle tree fruit Euonymus europaeus and I am going to sow it now so that it can get frosted during then next few weeks. 

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