Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Coming to the end of a very busy period in the allotment.

This is really a frantic, busy  time of the year. Seeds have to be sown and seedlings transplanted.  Yet once the allotment is full there is an anti climax where you wonder what you can do next.

I'm getting towards that stage now.  I do have a little more to plant out in the allotment but compared with what I have planted it is not very much.

I have virtually emptied the greenhouse of seedlings and the tomatoes have taken over.  I have not got any peppers or aubergines this year.  However, if I see some good ones at the garden centre, I may find some room for them.

There may well be a frost tonight so I will not be planting out the curbits.  There are still some brocolli and leek seedlings that need to be planted out.  I may take them to the allotment today but I doubt that I will have time to plant them.

I will need to prepare the pot for the cucumber I am going to keep in the greenhouse.  It will grow in the plastic greenhouse within the greenhouse.  I can give it a little more warmth and humidity inside the plastic.

All the tomatoes have settled into their new pots well.  I have flowers on the Totem bush tomatoes.  That's a first for April.  I know that it is May now but they did have flowers on them at the end of April.  I am hoping for some little tomatoes by the end of May and that will be a first for me.

The winds and the hot weather have not done the allotment or garden any good at all.  I don't think that it has done too much damage but you can see that a lot of plants are suffering.  It is the first time that I have done so much watering in April.  There is still a lot of water in the soil at the moment and there is rain forecast for the weekend.  I really hope that it will be a substantial amount because everything will grow away if it is a significant quantity.

Having said that, the more pressing concern is that we will have a frost tonight.   There seems to be a suggestion that it will go down to  2oC  tonight and that is uncomfortably close to freezing.  I will look very closely at the beans and the potatoes tomorrow morning.

Hope springs eternal - as old Popy said.

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