Monday, 6 June 2011

Soft Fruit Harvest

I have about 2.75kg of blackcurrants from the poor bushes.  That is quite a lot and I am really pleased about it.  It took hours to pick them and then another hour to wash them and remove all the leaves and stalks which makes them totally uneconomic but like the Amish  I do not count this as work but a pleasurable activity.

What you have to factor in is the exercise, the fresh air and the pleasure that you get from being outside.  Blackcurrant picking is pleasurable - when it finishes.  There were some green currants that I left on the bushes but I doubt whether there is more than a couple of kilo.  I don't know whether it is worth the time and effort to collect these as well or just leave them for the birds.

I picked another kilo of strawberries.

Did a little feeding and watering.  The turnips and the radish got a good soaking to make sure they continue to grow.  They are being eaten by flea beetle but there will still be enough there for what I want.

I weeded around the peas but this is more cosmetic than of any benefit to the peas.  These weeds are the few that have not been shaded out by the peas.  The peas continue to grow.  I watered them again today and hopefully I will get them to four feet tall.

Remarkably the dwarf beans are surviving and have not been damaged by slugs and snails.   I gave them a good feed of comfrey liquid.

It was a lovely evening so I decided to have a quiet cup of tea and a sit in the sun.

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