Saturday, 4 June 2011

Spent 6 hours down the allotment.

I went down to the allotment for a couple of hours and spent six hours down there.  Where does all the time go to?

I had convinced myself to making a hot bed for the ridge cucumbers with grass mowings but when it came to taking out the cucumbers they looked quite good.  Really they just needed to be fed and watered and they were fine.  So they were watered with comfrey liquid and so were the onions and leeks.  The onions seem to be standing up well and are not affected by the onion miner fly Phytomyza gymnostoma overly.  I will keep giving them comfrey liquid and watering them for the rest of the season.  

I planted some more celeriac, lettuce and tomatoes in the spaces in this bed.  There is no room for anything else now.  It is a good thing too because I came home to find that all the leeks have been turfed out of their pots by a blackbird.  I don't know what it was looking for in the compost but it had made a big mess of the leeks.  I doubt if I will salvage any of them.  

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking side shoots and tendrils off the sweet peas. They needed tying up too. The Ethel Grace and the Restormel were flowering.  There has been a great deal of bud drop because of the coldish May weather.  The sweet peas need a sustained period of warm wet weather.  

I cleaned out the store shed so that I could put the garlic in to dry.  I have slatted shelves in the shed and these will be ideal to put the garlic out on.  I don't know how the floor of the shed got so dirty.  I swept it out and tidied around so that I had two free shelves.  I still need to wash some of the pots and the demijohns.  I might even use the latter to make some wine.  

I moved the worm bin so that it is by the comfrey bins.  It is not producing very much liquid but what it does produce goes into the comfrey bin to add  to  the potency of the black liquid that is produced.  

I made a cup of tea and ate strawberries for lunch.  I have just bought home 2.5kg of strawberries today and this does not count the ones I ate at the allotment.  

Overall I have had 7.8kg of strawberries and there are still plenty on the plants. I will probably get fed up with eating them and then I will freeze some for jam making. 

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