Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cleaning out the greenhouse and washing more pots and trays.

The old tomato plants had stopped fruiting and were removed from the greenhouse and bagged up ready to take to the allotment to put onto the compost heap.  They were in large pots and these needed washing.  As soapy water was being used all the other trays and pots were washed as well. 

 The pots were stored under the staging for the moment so that washed ones could be identified easily.  Plant labels were also washed and put into an old onion net bag and hung up to dry. 

After washing the pots, a three to one New Horizon’s all purpose compost to sharp sand mix was made to plant up the Crassula ovatea cuttings.  The cuttings were dipped into hormone rooting powder and then firmed into the compost in 3 inch ceramic pots. The cuttings were then put onto the covered shelves to give them a little more warmth. 

Two Schlumbergera bridgesii (Christmas cactus) were re-potted by removing the plants from their pots, taking off some of the soil from the roots and the surface and then replacing with new compost using the same pot. 

 This was also done with the Begonia Rex, Chlorophytum comosum (Spider plant), Pelargonium crispum (Lemon scented geranium), Crassula ovatea (Jade plant) and Cyclamen persicum spp.  Although the plants were put back in the same sized pots, some were put back in similar sized ceramic pots. Some of the Begonia Rex were potted into smaller pots because the ones they were in were too large

All the plants except for the Crassula ovatea cuttings and the Cyclamen were put back in the house.  

The Cyclamen persicum spp. have just started to re-grow so three were placed into a large pot with new  compost.  They will be grown on a little more in the greenhouse. 

Tomorrow will be sweet pea planting day...

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