Sunday, 9 October 2011

Washing pots

I spent a long time just washing pots today.

The weather was balmy so I thought that now would be a good time to get my hands wet outside.  I think that I have washed most of the 3 inch pots that were in the store shed.  I have bought them home and put them into the greenhouse.  I will probably use all of them for the sweet pea seeds when they come.

I harvested one of my pumpkins today.  It was not the biggest by far but when you are considering carting something that big about you have to be particularly careful not to hurt your back.  As this was for a school's harvest festival, I thought a smaller one might be easier to cart around particularly as I will probably have to go down some steps to reach the school entrance.  I took a few of the larger beetroot and carrots as well.  It will give them a bit more of a display.

I tidied up one of the pallet compost heap areas which is empty at the moment.  I am storing loads of stuff in there and I wanted to keep the stored bean and pea poles tidy. I decided that I wanted to keep them all in containers and decided that pots would be the best.  This is why I started washing the big pots.  I have several big 12 inch and 16 inch pots and the poles stand upright in these leaning on the side of the pallet.

So I carried all the bean poles and some of the pea sticks down and put them into their new clean homes and began digging over the pea and bean bed.  I am only single digging here because I have already dug this area over twice this year.  It has got very weedy since I put the new set of peas in.  The peas have done remarkably poorly so I left them until now without weeding.  I am going to dig them into the soil with the weeds.

I am just skimming off the weeds and putting them into the digging trench as I dig towards them.  This gives me about 6 feet of bare soil to dig while allowing me to bury the weed turfs.

As I get to the peas I am taking out the supports and rolling up the chicken wire.  This is stored next to the poles.

I got about half way across the area and decided it was home time.  I went to collect the pumpkin with the wheel barrow.  It's not that big - basket ball size but it does seem to be heavy.

It will make a good focal point for the harvest festival.  Forgot to do photographs again today.  Never mind do it another day.

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