Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tomato seedlings are through.

I took the seeds out of the airing cupboard today and all of the tomatoes Lycopersicum esculentum  have germinated.  I put the pots into the cool greenhouse to grow on.  I will prick them out into their own pots when they are a little bigger.  The other tomatoes are doing well in the greenhouse.

None of the other seed I sowed has germinated yet.  I will have my work cut out when they do.

Went down to the allotment this morning and continued with the hugelkultur bed until it started to rain.  I put the weed turfs at the bottom of the trench this time because there may be some bind weed tucked away in it.  This was covered with a layer of holly branches, leaves and turfs.  It will give me a good raised bed to grow the climbing French beans on.

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