Sunday, 31 March 2013

Busy Season

Now that we have a very truncated season all the jobs seem to have come at once.  I still haven't finished the winter digging. There is still about 12 to 15 feet to go.  That has to be a priority.

All the sweet pea canes need to be put up and the sweet peas need to be planted.  The ground for the potatoes needs to be forked over and leveled so that I can plant the potatoes.  They will go in frost or not.  The red onion sets and the second planting of garlic and shallots need to be put out.

I need to prick out leeks, onions tomatoes and peppers.  I need to sow a lot of seeds.  Lettuce is the priority.  All the brassicas, celery, celeriac, peas, beans, and others need to be sown.

The weather is going to continue to be cold so it will just have to be adapted to.

Lawns need to be mown and kept tidy both at home and at the old allotment.

I don't think that there will be any time for sitting around contemplating nature until well into May.

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