Wednesday, 27 March 2013


This year I am planting a lot of earlies. Thank heavens that I decided to plant them towards the end of March rather than the beginning.  There is still a covering of snow and the ground is frozen.  All the potatoes are chitting in the greenhouse and I am not worried about whether I can get them through this cold spell.  I will plant them as soon as the ground thaws.  It is looking more like the end of the first week in April.  I will plant both earlies and second earlies at the same time.

I am sure that I have listed the potatoes I am going to use this year but I can't find it.

These are the ones that are chitting:

Red Duke of York
Arron Pilot
and second early Kestrel.

The earlies are going in the old allotment and I will need about 30 plants of each.  The Kestrel potatoes are going in the new allotment and I will have about 120 plants.  The potato bed on the old allotment has not been properly prepared yet and there is  manure that needs to be dug in.  I will definitely do this with the Mantis Tiller now.

Although the wind is bitter, the ground is thawing a little so maybe planting towards the end of the week might be possible.

Spent some of this afternoon washing plant labels.  I will have even more when I clear out the greenhouse.  I'm not sure but I think that I have lost a lot of tomatoes and peppers.

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