Sunday, 8 April 2012

More transplanting and potting up.

The Apium graveolens "Full White" that was sown in January needed potting on into 3 inch pots.  These are the seedlings that I want to grow quite large.  I will plant them out in the allotment soon and space them about 18 inches between plants. The more space you give plants the larger they will grow.

The herbs, Anthemis nobilis, Anethum graveolens, Origanum majorana, Artimisia dracumculoides  were transplanted into trays.  These are tiny seedlings and very fiddly to transplant but the resulting plants can be extremely satisfying.

The Allium porrum  "Bleu de Solaise" seedlings were transplanted into some small pots to grow on.  I will let these get quite big before putting them out in the allotment.  This will mean potting them on into larger pots in a few weeks time.

I am keeping the greenhouse temperature between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius so that the tender plants like beans and tomatoes are not adversely affected by any cold and frosty weather.  I am going to plant all my very tender plant seeds next week.  Things like pumpkin, squash, runner bean, climbing french beans, cucumber and sweet corn.

Tomorrow I will be planting out Lactuca sativa "Webb's Wonderful"; Brassica oleracea "All The Year Round"; Allium cepa "Mammoth"; Allium ascolonicum "Jerome"; Vicia faba;  and Brassica oleracea capitata "Golden Acre Primo"; and any other of the seedlings that seem to be big enough to be planted out.

The Phaseolus vulgaris "Cobra" and "Trail Of Tears" need potting on too.  They will be put into 3 inch pots until they go out into the allotment soil.

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