Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Still planting and sowing.

In order to make some space in the greenhouse, I have planted all the onions except the ones that I am going to try to grow very large.  The onion Vision was planted today.  I had just enough plants for one row.  I doubt if I will need any more than that.  They were planted under the enviromesh with the other onions.

Another row of lettuce was planted in the 'leaves' bed next to the other lettuce.  I have covered the early lettuce with cloches to get a crop quite soon.  I will probably use this area to plant some of the herbs like cumin and dill when all of the lettuce have been eaten.

I have sown two rows of beetroot;one row of Hamburg parsley and a row of salad burnet.  There is still room for fennel, spinach and parcel.  I would like to plant out the chamomile, marjoram, dill and cumin seedling in this  area too. 

I put in another row of turnips just to see how they do without any protection from cabbage root fly.  A small row of radish was sown next to them.  I will carry on this row with American land cress.  

I have decided to make some hot beds to plant the tomatoes on.  I dug a shallow trench mainly to get some top soil to put  into the ring culture pots.  Into the trench went lawn mowings with a liberal layer of cow manure on top.  The ring culture pots, full of top soil, were put on top of the pile.  Apart from bringing the tomatoes on the hot bed will raise the tomatoes above the soil level and there will be less likelihood of slug damage to the fruit. 

That is all I have done today but it still took me about five hours.  Where does the time go to.  I did stop a couple of times though.  Don offered me a cup of coffee and that was very appreciated.  Then I was given a vegetable samosa which was also very appreciated.  

I love samosa -  but not too hot.     

I will take photographs of the allotment on the 20th because I took them on the 20th of April last year.  Not such a warm April this year and things are not so advanced.  

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