Thursday, 13 January 2011

Forking, digging and leveling.

I finished moving the slabs today.  Now they are all upright after being checked with the bubble.  I found out where the water was going from the spring on the allotment because the trench started to fill with water.  I didn’t let this concern me and carried on regardless. Eventually, I backfilled the trench I had taken out with a mixture of turfs, leaves and old grass mowings. 
This left me with the leveling job to do on the new brassicae bed, however I had all the posts for the sweet pea and runner bean rows lying on this bed.  I decided to plant the posts where they will be needed later in the year, just to get them out of the way. 
I put the posts in north south rather than the usual east west.  There are many advantages of doing this.  The most important being the sweet peas and runner beans will get a more even distribution of light and will not block the light to the onions in the next bed.  Also the sweet peas do not really like direct hot sun and this way they will not get too much.  I will have to get some more posts because I will need more rows. 
I forked over where I had been treading and then I raked the soil a little more level.  This bed is too high in the middle.  

 I am going to change the plan on the planning software to reflect this. 

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