Sunday, 23 January 2011

Salsify and Scorzonera

I have grown salsify and scorzonera before and I am again this year.  They are very easy to grow and salsify will self seed if you allow it to flower and seed.  (It has a lovely blue flower).  Not too sure whether I am going to sow them where they are on the plan though. 

The roots are not like parsnip or carrot but much thinner so don't be disappointed.  If you can spend the time washing and peeling them they are a good extra veg. with an interesting taste.  One of them is supposed to be the vegetable oyster but I can't remember which.  It is supposed to taste like oyster.  I'm a vegetarian so I would not be able to comment on that.

Salsify has white roots and scorzonera has black roots.  As scorzonera is a perennial you can leave it in two seasons so that the roots get a little thicker.  In my experience it is marginal whether you do get bigger roots. 

I would sow in fertile soil that has been manured the previous year.  I would also thin them out to about 6 inches apart to try and get slightly bigger roots.  Apart from that and keeping them weed free, I would say they can get on with it by themselves.

I have put them in with the other roots - parsnips, carrots, beetroot, and Hamburg parsley.  They fit in well with this rotation.  I have fed them with comfrey this year and the roots are significantly bigger than I have grown them before.  They are a medium carrot sized root.  

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