Thursday, 27 January 2011

My allotment via Google

This is my allotment of about three years ago.  They had not changed the soil on the bottom bed next to the carpark on this photograph.  I now have two sheds and four compost bins on the allotment that I didn't have then.  The car park looks spectacular here.  Well they ripped it all up and took it away because it was contaminated.  It did not contaminate my soil. Oh no, that was already polluted with benzo (a) pyrene, so they had to replace the soil in the bed on my allotment next to the carpark.

I took the greenhouse down because it was getting smashed up by vandals.  Thank heavens we have cured that now.  The trackway has had a lot less water on it because I put a proper drainage pipe alongside the allotment.  There are two springs on my allotment.  The first is in the bottom right corner and the other is about half way down the right hand side.
I dug down quite deep today and did not find any water.  I did find a lot of brushwood that had not decomposed even after a year Tone.  That surprised me. 

The allotments around me look quite good don't they? I wish.  Now that some of the old blokes have gone it is getting a little untidy again.

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