Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Revising the allotment plan

I cannot allow myself to alter the planning for the beds but I can move things around within the beds and still keep the correct rotation.

Squashes will need a lot of sun so they will stay the same with the four rows of onward peas and the row of mange tout.  To keep the planning correct I then have two rows of Okra and two rows of dwarf French beans.  The climbing French beans are on this side of the allotment so that they do not shade anything.  The track way and hedge are on the other side.

I have added a line of swede to the brassicae bed.  (I am still putting the rocket in the roots bed although technically it is in the brassicae type family)

After the Calabrese comes out, I may try to put some summer cauliflowers in.  I will have to net them very carefully to keep the cabbage white caterpillars away.

There will be no change in the sweet pea bed (Seed have not come yet!!!)  except that I will not have so many varieties.  I am going to try to save at least some of the sweet peas in the greenhouse.  Not all of them have gone over.  I will dedicate one of the rows to these plants.  The runner beans will be on the track way side to avoid casting shade over the sweet peas.

I have swapped round the top bed on allotment 26.  I have found out that the onion miner fly might be using hedges for shelter.  This means that vegetables nearer to the hedge are more likely to be damaged by these pests.  I will put the onions over the other side and butt the leeks right up to the onions covering them all.  I will just move the cucurbits and the cucumbers over a little with the lettuce and the Florence fennel.   Sweet corn will stay by the shed because it will not over  shadow anything there.  (Except the tomatoes… I am reviewing the situation diddle, diddle, diddle, dum…)
Finally I am going to turn the roots 90o so that they are facing north south and I am going to include the salsify, scorzonera and beetroot in this bed.

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