Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Cleaning more plant pots

After searching around in the shed I have found quite a few three inch pots.  There is probably enough for at least one more variety of sweet peas to be sown.  I spent the morning cleaning them out and putting some more staging in the greenhouse.

If I  am going to sow some more seed I  will have  to have the space to line them out in the greenhouse.  The staging is  falling apart and will need some woodwork to put it together again but at the moment I  am just going to cover it with some large compost bags and use the trays  to  support the pots.

I cleaned the pots with the hand  brush and a damp rag.  I thought that I had washed a lot more of the pots at the allotment  but I was cruelly mistaken and had quite a few to do.

They do  look  good when they are  carefully cleaned though; almost as good as new and a lot cheaper.  I have at least three hundred pots and have never bought one.  They have aways come with a plant, mostly tomatoes, planted in them.  I   only throw  them  away when they get very old and  decrepid.

 I have been given quite a few of them as well.  Still  haven't enough though.

As  some of them have been given to me,  there  is a chance that they may have diseases or pests in their residual soil.  Regardless, cleaning them  is always the best  policy and avoids bringing  nasty bugs into the greenhouse.

It is  remarkable  how  much growing  medium is left in the pots when you knock out plants.  I have almost half filled an  old bucket with this residual growing  medium.  The growing medium  is probably still  full  of added nutrients even after a year so it  will be added to  the compost bin.  Its all grist to the mill Tone.

Tomorrow  I  will sow some  more  sweet pea seeds in the morning.  It seems that I will be  going to the cinema to watch the new Hobbit film  in the  afternoon.  This might suggest that I  would  rather be sowing seeds rather than sampling the visual interpretation of Tolkien's magnum opus and you might be right.  It is just the  though of his  little  book being  stretched out into three films.  What do they think they were doing?


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