Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Seed planting

Although the temperatures have been below freezing for about a week, the weather has warmed a little.  I needed to begin the seed sowing for next year.  I already have some Bedfordshire Champion onions on the go and am slowly pricking them out into three inch pots.  This is really an experiment using old seed. 

The onions germinated relatively well and I am going to see if I can grow some big ones.  I got a few large onions last year even with the wet weather.  The darm dismal weather made growing quite difficult. 

As the new seed has been delivered, I decided to begin sowing.  I have sown the Mammoth onions and the pot leeks.  I will be needing some more seed compost soon.  I will be sowing more leeks today. 

I may well so the Sweet Peas today as well but only if I have time.  Really they should be left now until early spring. 

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