Monday, 24 December 2012

Sowing more sweet pea seeds

I sowed the Charlie's Angels and Cirrus sweet peas today.  Not sure about Cirrus because I haven't grown it before.  I like the Charlie's Angels blue which is a little darker than Oban Bay. 

I have  several other sweet pea seeds that I haven't grown before but I am going to give them all a go.  I was thinking of putting all the blues: Bristol, Charlies  Angel, Blue Danube and possibly Karen Louise on  the old allotment and the others on the new allotment.

I have found quite a few three inch pots after scrabbling about in the shed trying to put some order into my pots and seed tray box.  While I  don't think that I will have enough pots for all the sweet pea seeds, I will sow until I run out of pots and then leave the other seeds until I plant  out some of the others.  This way I will get a succession of flowers.

The temperature in the greenhouse was a balmy 12 degrees Celsius.  This is quite good for December in UK.  If this continues over the week, I might get some seed germination.  If I do, I will not have any pots to transplant them into.  The garlic and shallots will have to be planted out on the old allotment and that could be a problem particularly as the ground is so water logged. 

The green manure where the onion bed will be this year is growing particularly big and could be dug in now.   I might dig in a little just to see if it is possible or whether the ground is too wet.

This time last year I was hoping for some rain.  This year I am hoping for  some dry weather.

I couldn't get down to the new allotment to continue digging due to the rain but in the drier periods I cut the hedge back and filled another bag with the cuttings.  There is still quite a way to go before it is finished so  I will have a lot of brushwood to add to the tripple digging trenches.

I really need to crack on with the digging because I  have quite a few plants that should  be planted  now.
An apple tree, autumn raspberries, bay trees, rhubarb,  strawberries etc.   

If it stops raining even  for  a little while I  will make  sure  that this  is my priority.  Really, if I  wasn't sieving both the top and the subsoil,  adding manure,  I  would have finished it by now. 

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