Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sowing Sweet Pea Seeds

Now, I  have seen in two books:  "Plant Propagation  for the Amateur Gardener" by John Wright and "Science and the Garden" edited by David  Ingram among others, that sweet pea seeds should either be chipped with a knife or sanded to make a hole  for water to enter the seed.  This they say will help to overcome seed dormancy.

Well  if you think that I am going to chip over 300 seeds then you are sadly mistaken.   I have been growing sweet peas since I was 16 and I have never chipped or sanded sweet pea seeds.  They are tiny little beggars in any case and I think that I would be chipping and sanding the ends of my fingers rather than the seeds.

Although I cannot remember every years germination rate, in most recent years I have had more or less 100% germination without chipping.

Having run  out of both pots and room  in the greenhouse, I have decided to wait before I sow the rest of the sweet pea seeds.  I  have until March to sow them.

I will choose a warmish day to plant out the shallots, broad beans and garlic that I have started in pots and cover them  with plastic cloches.  This will give me more than enough pots for the sweet peas.

This is the first time that I have run out of space in the greenhouse in December.

I will  have to make  room  for the giant leeks and onions when they need transplanting  into pots.  Also, I  will  need to transplant the big cabbage and cauliflowers.

I am hoping to grow  some big plants next season. 

Problem is that I can't get the digging done.  Will the rain ever stop?  I have still got over half the new allotment to dig over and put plants into.  I will try to get down there tomorrow.  I also need to get the veg from the old allotment.  I need some more carrots, onions, pumpkins (if they haven't gone rotten now) leeks and brussel sprouts.  I will  see if there  is any more kale or broccoli but there wasn't much last time I looked.  I will spend a little more time on these next season.

The kale and broccoli seed were given to me so I didn't bother too  much with them. 

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