Sunday, 23 December 2012

Planting the Raspberry canes.

As raspberry canes can suffer from replant disease, I decided to take a trench out and replace the soil that I was going to plant the  raspberries in.  They are in the ideal position at the moment so I  didn't want to move the row. 

Probably due to the replant disease, the raspberries in this part of the row were not doing very well and a lot smaller than the others in the other half of the row. 

I took out a trench about 2 feet wide and two spits deep. 

It has been raining for quite a while now and the trench soon filled with water.  I just back filled with soil from another part of the allotment.  This soil was dry enough for the raspberries to be planted into so I set out the twelve plants and tied them to the wire supports.  The roots were dusted with mychorrhizal fungi and more new soil was put into the trench until the raspberry roots were covered. 

I don't  reckon they will need watering at the moment. 

So I have planted the new raspberries and I will look forward to picking them next year.  Raspberries rarely go home. 

Got all the vegetables for Christmas.  These included carrots, parsnips, hamburg parsley, beetroot, kale, broccoli,  brussel sprouts, cabbage, leeks, onions and pumpkin.  We will also have shallots, garlic and potatoes from the store shed and beans and peas from the freezer. 

Not bad for a very poor, wet, dark year. 

I sowed the Jilly and Blue Danube sweet peas into three inch pots.  Needless to say that I am quickly running out of these pots and labels.  I am sure that I can scrabble around for some more somewhere.

I cut back the hedge in the back garden a little more and bagged up the cuttings.  They have been taken down to the new allotment to be put at the bottom of the tripple digging trench.  I still have quite a bit more to take off the hedge but it seems a lot easier if you do it in small stages.  I will take some more off tomorrow.  I will also sow some more sweet peas - as long as I can find some pots to put them into. 

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