Monday, 14 February 2011

Clearing up the brassica bed again.

Soil temperature was 6oC at 12 o’clock.  That was much warmer than I thought it was going to be.  I picked quite a few Brussel sprouts but I could not take the plants out because there were still some on them that I wanted to bulk up a bit.  I decided to start trenching and dug a two spit wide and two spit deep trench.  The brushwood cuttings that I had buried in this bed have not rotted down and they could still be seen at the bottom of the trench.  I got some of Fred’s compost – quite a bit of bindweed and couch grass in it, and filled the trench.  I must have had about four or five barrow loads.  That was all I could do in this area so I moved down and dug in the leaves and mowings for the Cobra French beans. 
I found another tree stake in the shed so I took it up and put it up on the sweet pea bed.  I just need three stakes for the sweet peas and runners now. 
I put up the posts for the Cobra French beans next.  I might start putting up the bean poles so that I can get into the shed where they are stored. The other shed is getting a little full because I emptied a storage dustbin and put it over the rhubarb to force it a bit. 
Various people came to pass the day and that meant that I got a lot less done than I wanted.  Bit cold for standing about chatting Tone.

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