Saturday, 5 February 2011

Resowing the Sweet Peas.

Due to the very severe weather we have had this year, the sweet pea seedlings have not survived.  Having said that one or two have pulled through and I am keeping them.  I have emptied the pots of their compost, washed the pots and refilled with new compost. 

I suppose I could have just replanted seed into the old compost but if disease and pests are to be avoided seed sowing apparatus needs to be kept clean. 

It is unfortunate that I had to resow but I have grown good exhibition standard sweet peas from a sowing as late as March.   I am going to keep as many of them covered as I can but some will have to be put onto the normal staging.

I have finished digging over the potato bed and I am now replacing the curbing slabs with some big 3 foot by 2 foot 2 inch paving slabs.  They are big and heavy so I am going to use the trolley to move them about and have the trench ready for them before any get moved.  I am going to plant them upright in the trench so that they will retain the soil from the potato bed.  The bed is approximately 18 foot long so I will need 6 slabs.
The other place that I wanted to use the slabs was along the onion bed but I have already planted garlic in this bed and I don’t really want them disturbed. 

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