Sunday, 27 February 2011

Still getting the compost Tony.

The soil temperature was 5oC  today at 1o'clock this afternoon.  There was a very cold wind blowing and I needed to get myself warm.

I decided to go and get some more compost from the mega compost heap.  Even more friable good compost was recovered and taken to my old brassicae bed.  I think that I took about 4 heaped barrow loads.  It hasn't made much of an impact on the compost heap though. 

Here is a good composting website:

I was going to take a photograph of the wall of compost and I tidied it up like "Time Team" but it was too blooming cold and I forgot to go back when I had cleared up.  So no photograph yet.

I used the cultivator claw to pull all the compost across the bed so that it would be easier to dig it in.

Then I put some more of the bean poles up.  I am using thick wire and pliers to tie them up.  We get some powerful winds so I don't want the beans to be blown over.  I'd done about four poles when the heavens opened and a lot of water rained down on me.

Needless to say, the stream  reappeared on the trackway and is cheerfully flowing down to the carpark.

So no point in staying at the allotment watching everything get very wet.  I came home and had a nice cup of tea.

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