Friday, 11 February 2011

Very spring like today.

I finished off constructing the compost bins laying paving slabs as a base.  The pallets were wired together and I thought that someone had taken one of them.  It took me a moment to realise the bins were wired together in a row and the side of one was also the side of the other bin.  So I need another pallet.  I moved three of the comfrey butts into the compost bay and this tidied them up rather well giving me the idea of leaving them there unless I need another compost bay later in the year.

I scattered some of the Jerusalem artichokes round the back of the compost bays so that they would grow and shield the bays from prying eyes.  One of these days I will harvest some Jerusalem artichokes and make some soup with them.  Still getting through the parsnips at the moment, though.  

I then put a path to the shed so that I do not constantly tread all over the comfrey.  I dug over the comfrey bed straightening up the lines to make it easier to hoe and fork along them.  As I replanted the comfrey, I put some mychorrhizal fungi in the planting holes.  Hopefully this will help the comfrey forage for nutrients, incorporate them into their leaves and give me high nutrient tea when I rot the leaves down in the butts. I wanted to take some photographs of the comfrey bed now that I have tidied it up but I forgot to take the camera.  

I also wanted to take a picture of the compost I have made just by piling up a heap of waste plant material.  I have not done anything special to the compost and it has turned out particularly well.  I will have to do that on Monday too. 

The nettles are coming along fine now.  I was going to transplant some of these to beside the shed but I did not have time.  I will do that on Monday. 
A beautiful day down at the allotment; spring is certainly on the way.

A new allotment committee will be elected at the end of March and I am thinking of standing.  We will see.  

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