Friday, 18 February 2011

More tomato thoughts.

At the moment I am mainly growing Totem, this is a bush variety and I will probably grow this on the staging in the greenhouse.  I am not sure that I can keep them alive until the warmer weather though.

I would like to grow some more from seed but I am not sure which.  I might just plumb for Gardeners' Delight, but I think I would like to grow a larger fruiting one.  I don't like the beefstake ones so it will probably be Ailsa Craig or possibly Shirley.

For many years, I did not know how to support tomatoes in the greenhouse.  I used to use canes but they always seemed to lean over with the weight of the tomatoes.  I finally came up with a good system.   Put a strong wire across the top of the tomatoes.  Drop down strings so that you can bury them in the compost.  When you plant out the tomatoes put the end of the string in the hole first then put the plant on top.  The roots of the tomato keep the string tight.  Wind the tomato around the string as it grows. 
That's what I do.  

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