Saturday, 9 April 2011

Beautifully warm day today.

I prepared the area where the lettuce are going to go by hoeing, three prong cultivating and raking.  Lots of little weed seedlings were germinating in the compost that I had spread over the top of the soil here.

I watered the whole area and then got the Nemaslug nematodes out of their box.  You are supposed to cut the white powder into quarters and add each quarter to two gallons of water. So that's what I did.  This was then watered over the hoed area.  I covered the area with the green tarpaulin to keep it damp underneath.

While I was doing this  I thought that I would reconstruct the old sundial and put it up on the strawberry bed.  It is really useful for telling the time.  I have not screwed the sundial down because I can move it about for British summer time then back again in the autumn.  Before putting it up though, I watered the area and added some of the nematodes under the plinth base.

The rhubarb is always covered in snails and slugs so I watered all the rhubarb and then dosed them with nematodes as well.

I still had some left over so I went up and down the sweet pea bed and the Onward peas, together  with the beetroot sowings.

I decided to plant the sweet peas that were left over in the area for climbing French beans.  They were just watered in with comfrey liquid.  I put up a couple of 1 inch mesh nets for them to climb up.  I will still  plant the French beans here as well.  It will just look a little more colourful.

The bees were really busy around the aubrietia now that they are flowering with some gusto.

I went round watering things.  I don't usually water like this but I wanted to feed some of the veg as well.  The three remaining winter cauliflowers all are forming flowering heads.  The one by the path is getting quite big.  I am watering and feeding them with some relish.

Believe it or not, I am still getting compost from the mega heap.  Mr Singh is also getting some and putting it on his poor soil.  He has also used it to make a pumpkin bed.  I took some today and brought it home to make potting compost.  I also put two barrow loads onto the potato bed.

Although I didn't really want to, I went down to an Allotment too far and skimmed off some more of the weeds.  I nearly filled my trench but not quite.  I will give it some more welly tomorrow.  Still too much mares tail and bind weed.  In places they are matted together. These are the two weeds that I would never bury because you can find them growing deep in the soil.  It is making it slow going removing all  these rhizomes when tripple digging.   Tired myself out so went to talk to Stellar.  She gave me her rent for the allotment so I must remember to give it to Mick in the morning.  She wants some of my blackcurrant cuttings so I will dig some up and plant them in a pot before giving them to her.  I might use some of the mega compost to give them a good start.  It is not really the time to be digging up blackcurrants but I will give them a good dousing with rain water and that will keep them alive.

I closed up the greenhouse windows when I got home.  It was quite warm today so I am glad that I opened the windows.  The Okra has germinated..  It germinated before the tomatoes did.  Remarkable.

I will have to plant out more of the Early Onward peas and the onion seedlings because they are getting quite big now.
That is for tomorrow though.  Now its time for a nice cup of tea.

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