Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Using up the seed compost.

I decided to plant the last of the seeds and used up one and a half bags of compost in the process.  I finished off planting the mange tout peas and then went on to plant the squashes.  Following that, I planted more lettuce - you can't have enough lettuce Tone, spring onion in a big pot and some courgettes.  The runner beans were next although it might be a little early for them.

I thought I might as well go for it and planted the climbing and dwarf French beans.  I know it is too early and I will regret it but I might get away with it.

By this time the greenhouse was either shrinking or getting rather full so I took out two sets of sweet peas to harden off outside.  These were Bristol and Jilly.  I also took out three trays of Early Onward Peas and left them with the sweet peas.  I will take these down to the allotment and put them into the cold frame.

I pricked out Trafalgar and Foremost Brussel sprouts, Golden Acre cabbages, Early sprouting Broccoli and calabrese.  This has used up all of my large sectioned plastic trays.  Everything else will have to be transplanted into 3" pots.

I took the tomatoes out of the plastic frame and put them onto the staging.  I don't think that they will suffer because they will appreciate the light.

The onions are doing remarkably well and standing up tall.  I will let them get a little bigger before putting them out in the allotment.  Putting them under the plastic cloches will keep away the onion miner fly.  The leeks are still quite small and will have to stay in the greenhouse for a little while longer.  I found some more seed so I have put  more in to supplement these leek seedlings.

The autumn and winter cauliflowers have germinated well as have the winter broccoli.  They are too small to transplant so I will wait for them to grow and prick them out at the weekend.

The Alicante tomatoes and Okra have not germinated yet but I would not have expected it only having been planted yesterday.  They may germinate by the weekend.  They will need pots to be transplanted into so I will have to get washing the dirty ones tomorrow.

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