Friday, 29 April 2011

It threatened rain but none but drops fell.

I planted out the calabrese watering in with comfrey liquid. I put them a foot away from the cabbages and then planted a line of early sprouting brocolli alongside.

Afterwards, I went  to the other side of the brassicae bed and put in the Trafalgar Brussel sprouts.  They were watered in with comfrey too.  I like to net the brassicas against pigeons, which can be a big pest eating the seedlings right down to the ground.  I do not put up anything elaborate just using canes to stretch the netting over the plants and down the sides too.

I think that this is more perception that efficient because the pigeons see the barrier and assume that they cannot get to the seedlings.  They probably could if they tried hard enough.

This was when someone started to burn damp grass.  I did not appreciate this.  For my views on burning look at:

I went and told him to put it out because it was blowing over people's gardens and we would have complaints again.

I had a discussion with the old lags down the allotment to see if it was too early to put runner and French climbing bean in now.  Ed has already planted his runner seedlings in the allotment.  I thought, I have bought them up to the allotment.  I might as well plant them.  I have put netting around them to keep the wind off.  Tony said that it was the wind that caught his runner bean seedlings last year rather than the frost.  I gave the plants some mychorrhizal fungi and watered them in with comfrey liquid.  

The French beans were put in as well with a dose of mychorrhizal fungi and comfrey liquid.  I had decided to put courgettes between the poles and I had brought these up to the allotment too.  They went in along the middle of the French bean row.  If it goes cold now several things will be caught.  The potatoes are growing quite large now.  I tried to hoe them up a little more but they are too big to cover effectively against the frost.

I spent the rest of the afternoon side shooting and tying up the sweet peas.

Watering was the final job and the broad beans, new brassicae seedlings, the kohlrabi, the French beans, the garlic, the lettuce and the Hamburg parsley were all watered.

I was going to water the strawberries but I only got one row done.

I took some of the runner beans and French climbing beans down to a couple of allotments near to the allotment too far to give away.  I hate wasting anything I have grown and I will give it away rather than put it on the compost heap

On the way back I filled the barrow with nettles to put into my digester butts to make liquid manure.

Came home for a nice cup of tea.  Which reminds me.  I need to take some milk with me tomorrow so I can make a brew at the allotment.    

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