Thursday, 28 April 2011

Less in the Greenhouse now.

I will soon be able to pot up my tomatoes in their big pots.  I have taken out a lot of the brassicas and left them to harden off outside.  The runner and climbing French beans are also outside.  The low night time temperature is forecast to be 7-8oC so there is no danger of frosts now.  
Greenhouse full of seedlings.
The winter cauliflowers at the front are still quite small and need to stay in the green house for a while. The lettuce is big enough to be put out into the allotment but I may wait for another few days to let them get even bigger.  As you can see I still have some leeks and lettuce to transplant into pots or sectioned trays.  The Hunter squashes  and the cucumbers are growing well but I would like to see much bigger plants before I transplant them outside.  

The tomatoes need to go into their big pots.
The green house within a greenhouse
I have planted the pumpkins into three inch pots.  The sweet corn is still a little too small to plant out but the climbing French beans have been put outside.  

The okra has not got its second leaves yet and it is growing very slowly unlike the courgettes next to them.  
Runner beans and leeks on the path.
I don't like leaving plants on the pathway. I keep tripping over them for starters.  As hot air rises, this is the coldest part of the allotment.  The runners are outside now and because they were growing quite large I nipped  out  the growing tip. This was to encourage side shoots to develop and to slow the growth down.  
Various brassicas
So, this is my full to the brim greenhouse.  I would like to start some flowers off now but I just haven't got the space.  

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