Friday, 22 April 2011

Gardening on a hot day

Always wear your hat Tony.

I pricked out some summer cauliflowers.  As the winter ones were so poor this year, I thought that I would try some summer cauliflowers.  The reason I never plant them is because they always get covered in cabbage white caterpillars.  Washing them is a nightmare.  If I can cover them with a fine mesh net then possibly I will be able to avoid the caterpillars.  Hope springs eternal... or so Alexander says.

Mowed the back lawn and clipped the hedge.  The grass is beginning to suffer from the hot weather and no rain now.  I hope that we get some rain tomorrow.  We might get some a little later today.

Mowing the front lawn and clipping the front hedge too.

I have put the mange tout peas out to harden off before I plant them on the allotment.  There are some lettuce in the same tray but I think I will use these to finish off the row I have already planted.

Back to the front lawn.

I have pricked out all the purple sprouting brocolli and the germinated runner beans.  I am not really going to do much more.  The lettuce are a little too small to be transplanted, the leeks are still tiny.  I could do the squash, cucumber and okra but they have not got their second leaves yet.  They will wait a little more time.

I took the mange tout peas and the grass mowings to the allotment.  When I got there I decided to plant the peas.  It kept on threatening to rain but eventually there was not very much.  We could do with a lot more than this.  There is more rain forecast for tomorrow but I am not going to hold my breath.

I harvested another of the autumn cauliflowers and this one was quite big.  I only have one left in the allotment now.

The peas were watered in with dilute comfrey liquid.  I constructed another chicken wire support for them to climb up. It was too late to do any more watering.


  1. Hi Fran
    I didn't wear my hat at first but after a while I went and got it.