Monday, 28 March 2011

Allotment planning for 2011 amended version .

Although I keep on making small changes, I think that this is the final version of the allotment plan for this year.  The only thing that I will change is whether I have a follow on crop after taking the summer crop out.
This is the final plan for allotment 25(b)
The only change I have made to this plan is to move around where I put the different varieties of sweet pea.

Final plan for allotment 26(a)
Several changes here.  I am planting pumpkins as a follow on crop after the onions.  I will also put in some sweet corn here as well. I may reduce the number of leeks and put more onions in.  I will follow the garlic, which will come out around July time, with broad beans. Now that I have some Pink Fir Apple potatoes, I will put them in next to the Kestrel.  Also the Oca can go in here because it is lighter and warmer in this part of the allotment.  The Kestrel will be followed by a green manure and the Epicure will be followed by carrots.
Final plan for allotment 26(b)
The main change I have made in this plan is to move the root rows so that they are north to south.  I have tried to keep the carrots as far away from the hedge along the track way as I can.  It seems that carrot root fly rests and is protected by hedges.  I could have moved them further away but I wanted to get the parsnips in first.  I had forgotten to put beetroot into the previous plan altogether.  It is a classic vegetable that I could not imagine not growing.

I have been forcing the rhubarb under black bins and took a first crop yesterday.  I am coming to the end of the parsnips now.  I am really sure now that I only like parsnips in soup.  Roasted parsnips are all right but I prefer a soup especially with other vegetables.

All the fruit trees that I was given are growing.  This is remarkable because I moved them last summer and I thought I had done for them.  There are three heeled in by the side of the shed where the Jerusalem artichokes are.  I will have to sort them out next autumn.  Maybe these could go onto the new allotment.  There are two apple trees on the new allotment already but I think the previous tenant wants to take them off and replant them on the half he has now.  I think that he will kill them if he transplants them now particularly as they are quite large trees.

I am not even going to think about producing a plan for the new allotment.

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