Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pink Fir Apple potatoes.

Soil temperature today was  4oC I told you not to let that  9oC go to your head.  I think that the soil temperature will be up and down during all of March.  It is better to wait and plant in the greenhouse so that I don't loose any seeds.

There has been very poor germination from the Bedfordshire Champion onions.  I will prick out the ones that have germinated and plant them.  There are about four or five germinated out of the whole packet.  Still they were at least one year old.

I bought some pink fir apple potatoes from the allotment shop today and guess what they were JBA potatoes.
I wasn't going to grow these this year because I did not have room.  I will grow them instead of the Epicure. I put the pink fir apples in the greenhouse to chit in egg trays. It seems that JBA has sold out of pink fir apples now.

Picked some more of the Brussels sprouts and brought them home.  I will wash and peel those tomorrow because I got home too late today.

The seedlings in the greenhouse are all right although they need to be watered.  I don't really want to water them because it may make them rot off at the base.  I will water them on the first warmish day we have.  They will survive until then.
Virtually all the new sweet pea seeds have germinated.  I might buy all the sweet peas seeds from Simply Seeds next year.

I put some of the compost mountain onto the onion bed.  I might just spread it on the top because I have not dug this area since the potatoes were dug out.

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  1. Save the best of the Bedfordshire Champions, replant them in the autumn, and save your own seed next year. That way you'll know it's fresh.