Thursday, 31 March 2011

Time to start sowing seeds at the allotment.

These are two of the wild flowers flowering in my garden at the moment.
This is a dog violet (Viola riviniana)
The dog violet is growing in the path in front of my greenhouse.

Hairy bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta)
This is the hairy bittercress and I always call it wavy bittercress but, as I noted today, it is not very wavy.  Still at least I got the bittercress part right.
Everything is beginning to grow now and this means that I am going to put out a lot of vegetables grown in the greenhouse.  First I will put out all the sweet peas and the potatoes.  I will make sure that the soil is warm by taking the temperature with the soil thermometer.
After these go out I will plant some carrots and cover them with enviromesh netting to keep the carrot root fly off.  I will be planting several varieties including Early Nants and Flyaway.
I will sow the salsify, scorzonera, American landcress, swede and a few other things that I cannot remember at the moment.By the time I have done this and continued to dig over the new allotment I will have used up all my time and will want to come home.
I have used up all my seed compost now planting mange tout peas in sectioned trays.  I will endeavour to get some more seed compost tomorrow.
I also need; some more lime, some chicken manure, peat free grow bags and  some blue water pipe to hold up the nets.  I think a trip to the garden centre is warranted.

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