Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Range of seeds sown.

The onions and leeks are growing on well and forming strong seedlings.  I wanted a few more leeks than I had so I have sown some more.  The lettuce is growing on well but still a little too small for planting out yet.  I have sown some more lettuce, although it might be a little too soon after the first batch.
The calabrese, cabbage (Golden Acre), Brussel sprouts (Trafalgar and Topline) and the summer broccoli have all germinated and are growing on well.

A lot of the Early Onward peas have germinated now so they will be planted out soon.  The Totem Tomatoes are growing on well in their 3 inch pots.

Today, I have planted chives, radish, summer cauliflower (Chessiro), winter cauliflower (Walcheren Winter Pilgrim), Broccoli (Late Winter Mix) and cucumber (Burpless Tasty).

I will be planting the squashes, pumpkins, courgettes and cucumbers in the next week or so.  The climbing French beans, runners and dwarf French beans will also be put into sectioned trays.  Sweet corn needs to go in as well but I will not grow as much of this as I did last year.

Carrots will go straight into the ground at the allotment next to the parsnips.

I have just found that I did not buy any Okra, which is a bit of a bind.  I will have to see if I can get some from the local garden centres.

I will be buying some Nemaslug nematodes this week.  The soil temperature was about 15oC so this is warm enough for them to survive now.  I will only put them where I know slugs and snails congregate.  This will be especially around the rhubarb and the aubricia.  I will also use them where I am going to plant things like lettuce.

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