Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pricking out the onions.

I have spent most of the morning pricking out onions into trays.

The greenhouse within the greenhouse

You can see the tray on the second shelf and my trusty orange dibber. I am taking them out of this tray and putting them into a sectioned tray.   The brassicas are on the top shelf in 3 inch pots.  My tomatoes are on this shelf too.  They really need to be pricked out into larger pots as well. There are three trays of peas under the onions.  I have just sown them so they will not be harmed by having the onion tray on them.   The spuds are chitting well and I will be putting these out in April.  These are pink fir apple and Kestrel.  If you look carefully you will see the Oca at the front of the small tray.

Sweet pea seedlings

These are the February sown sweet peas.  They look a darn site better than the autumn sown ones did a couple of months ago.  All these have been pinched out and a lot of  them have already started to grow their side shoots.  I will be planting these out as soon as I have put the canes up for them.  They are quite hardy and a few frosts will not hurt them.  Indeed, there are some that have germinated from last years seed in the soil on the allotment.  I am going to plant these feral sweet peas with the others and see what colours they are.
Range of different seeds and seedlings

More sweet peas at the back and then the onions that I had just
pricked out.  The leeks are in a 3 inch pot and will be pricked out tomorrow.  Then there are some cuttings but I have forgotten what of.  I think that these are all growing but I have lost a lot of them.  Web's Wonderful lettuce in the next tray are doing well. I haven't used the sectioned trays for these because they will transplant well even if their roots are disturbed a little.  Next come the pea trays.  I have 9 trays of peas so there will be three trays per row on the allotment.  This will be fine.

I will have to sweep the floor of the greenhouse.  I always get seed compost everywhere when I am planting seeds.

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