Monday, 21 March 2011

Seed sowing is well underway

I have spent most of today sowing seeds in the greenhouse.  I have planted about nine trays of Early Onward peas.  You might think that this is a time consuming way of planting peas, however I find that this is the only way to protect the peas from the very voracious pigeons that inhabit our allotment site.  They will leave the peas alone  when they have germinated and formed their roots.

Most of the brassicas I am going to grow this year have been sown.  These include Trafalgar and Foremost Brussel sprouts,  Golden Acre cabbage, Early sprouting broccoli and calabrese.  I have still to sow the late purple sprouting broccoli and the cauliflower - both winter and summer.

I still need to prick out the rest of the onions, the leeks and the tomatoes.  I will begin to do this tomorrow.

I took the parsnip seeds to the allotment with the intention of planting two rows.  Well needless to say, I did not plant them but they will not suffer if I wait a while until the soil warms up a little more.

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  1. You've got further than I have, but I'll be planting Serpette Guilotteau peas tomorrow, in pots. Same reason as you; if I put them straight in, the flying rats will have the lot.