Saturday, 19 March 2011

Possible new allotment?

I was thinking of taking over this allotment. What do you think?

I really think that allotments should not be allowed to get into this kind of state.  It is just unfair to all the other gardeners around.  It's covered in nettles, brambles and bindweed.  I think that the mounds were compost heaps. Over the heap in the foreground there is a thick carpet - not very effective is it?  If I do take it over then I will take photographs as I clear the ground.

Thinking about this piece of ground; there is little chance of a no dig method being effective.  I am going to double dig and skim off weed turfs to bury in the lowest most trench.  With the amount of metal, I think that I will need a skip just for this allotment.  Luckily, I have not found any glass but that might change and I will be ultra careful in any case.

The allotment is far enough away from my own allotment that it does not affect me that much but maybe it would be worthwhile to put some soft fruit on.

It was really warm today and the allotment site was buzzing.  It is a shame that they do not keep that up all year. The soil has warmed up - I didn't remember to look at the soil thermometer today so I don't know exactly the temperature but it was warm to the hands.

I got three more barrow loads of sieved compost and put them onto the onion bed and levelled them off.  There is still a substantial amount left and I was thinking of sieving it and putting it on top of my compost heaps so that I could grow pumpkin or courgette on the compost like I did last year.  I will not be using this compost this year with all the compost I have from the mega compost.

I put up another row of canes for the sweet peas. I am putting them 9 inches apart.

Tomorrow I will start planting seeds in earnest starting with ordinary peas.  I might have to reorganise the greenhouse and put some more staging in along the other side so that I do not have to put the peas on the floor.  I cannot be sure that the field mouse has gone from the garden yet.  It did eat some of the stored potatoes but I have not seen it for several weeks now.  It really irritates me when I plant several trays of peas and the blooming thing then goes and eats them all.

Several people have planted their potatoes but I think that it is still a little early.  I have been caught before with severe late frosts.  I will wait until the end of the month or the first week in April.  The potatoes are chitting away really well in the greenhouse and this will give them a good start when I eventually plant them.


  1. Lots of work there, but it's not as bad as mine was.

  2. I am only showing you the good bits Robert. :-))