Sunday, 6 March 2011

Waiting for the warmer weather.

Soil temperature today is   5oC .

Some times when you go down the allotment there is nobody there and you can get on with what you wanted to do and sometimes there are lots of people and you get to talking and get nothing done.

There wasn't much to do today anyway but I got some more compost and put it on the onion bed.  It was good stuff because I had sieved it.  I should have sieved all of it because it produced some fine compost.

I then took some 3 x 2 foot slabs down to Mac's allotment.  He is going to use them to curb his rhubarb bed.

I wanted to rake over the brassicae bed where I had been treading to get the Brussel sprouts. Some of the winter cauliflowers had definitely gone over so I took them out.  I am putting them into a plastic compost bag because I may feed them to the worm bin.  I don't put them onto the compost heap because they might have a bit of club root.  I also raked the onion bed to smooth out the compost.  I doubt that I will dig the compost in - although I might fork this area over a bit.  The poached egg plants are still in there and they could be dug in as a green manure.

I swept the paths because I dropped a lot of compost onto them when I was transporting it so they needed a little clearing up.  I use the old spade to scrape the path slabs and then sweep over with an old yard brush.

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